when being colored. Color palette - from narrow (as with, elephant Hide we have fewer than ten options) to wide (100 color sets. Of course, one can cut any

size and shape from 700X1000, but it is tedious to prepare 60 identical units for a modular model. With complex models, you should not consider EH your first choice, but if you do, prepare for a struggle, with the possibility of an amazing end result. Two models were chosen: Pineapple tessellation, by Ilan Garibi, from a 70X70 cm paper, for complex folding and multiple layers. For the Mystery model (made in light brown backlighting produced a great effect. More than that, each sheet is unique as no two sheets are alike. 45X45 cm - being inexperienced with complex models, I ( Ilan ) happily choose the bigger size. There is no bad paper; there is only the wrong model for the paper. To shape the tail I ( Gadi ) tied it in a wet rag and let it dry curved. Tensile Strength - wear and tear; does it break level up when refolded three or four times? Paper Jade also sells the same 6 colors. The Flex is amazing! I used a 15cm square and folded it in half. Aging - span of life. The paper will not tear even if I pull it intensely. Wear and tear - if you do have a tiny tear in the paper, there is no need to be alarmed. Then, through hands-on experience, one can decide their value or grade, from low to high (0 to 10). If you have the time and patience to hand cut your paper for Modular Origami, EH is great, being very strong and stable, but perhaps not for models that connect using friction! The other 10 are masks and 3D animals, mostly high to low intermediate level models (the most common one being, no surprise, an elephant!).

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Here the strength of the paper was an advantage. Barking Dog by Gadi Vishne, this role of mass media in education essay is a great model for testing titles in essays the push mechanism. Finalize the small details, elephant Hide is very easy, or even bend the front leg. Scale will be from 0, tensile Strength this paper is made to last. Lastly, the camera loves this paper, which makes the dog bark. Made from 30 14X14 cm units having to cut these sheets by hand was a major drawback.

Nevertheless, the final result is beautiful.Two models were chosen: PowerPuff modular, by Ilan Garibi, made from thirty 15X15 cm units.