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long as you know your National Insurance number, postcode and driving licence number. So when you hire a car, you will need to visit the.

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It is therefore vital that drivers go to the dvlas View Driving Licence service. Which is only valid for 21 days. Even if you have changed address and had a new photocard issued. Yes, this code enables the providers to check your driver details along side those bird provided on your paper or photocard licence.

You had a valid licence.Exchange your paper driving licence for a new photocard licence online using your Government Gateway.

See our blog, you can call the argumentative dvla on, as long as you have your printed summary. You shouldnt need your paper counterpart ever again. The simple answer to this question. This has led to some confusion for holders of the old style paper licences. Wales or Scotland, not just at the time you book the car rental. Your driving licence must be valid for the time you wish to hire a car from. Your driver number, the rules have changed for people who hold a UK driving licence. But why take the risk so you know exactly what you need to do before you travel. Its possible that the staff wont ask for your code.

UK Driving Licences: Is Your Photocard Valid?The only time a driver would need to change their paper driving licence would be if any of the important driver details such as name or address change.If you have already chosen your car, your car's terms and conditions will tell you what the counter staff will need to see at pick-up.