remaining states Hindi is not an official language. A grammar of the Urd or Hindstn language (3.). A b c d Faruqi, Shamsur Rahman (2003 "A Long History

of Urdu Literarature, Part 1 Literary cultures in history: reconstructions from South Asia,. . A b c Pollock, Sheldon (2003). Next to English it was the official language of British Raj, was commonly written in Arabic or Persian characters, and was spoken by approximately 100,000,000 people. In the states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, studying Hindi is not compulsory in the state curriculum. 24 Kaithi and Devanagari are two of the Brahmic scripts native to India, whereas Urdu is a derivation of the Persian Nastalq script, which is the preferred calligraphic style for Urdu. At the same time, however, the definitive text of federal laws is officially the English text and proceedings in the higher appellate courts must be conducted in English. 23 In the 18th century, towards the end of the Mughal period, with the fragmentation of the empire and the elite system, a variant of Khariboli, one of the successors of apabhraśa vernaculars at Delhi, and nearby cities, came to gradually replace Persian as the. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Oxford University Shakespear, John. Because this is a formal legal text, differences in formal vocabulary are maximised. Delhi: Oxford University Press. Retrieved 8 November 2006. (A dictionary, Hindoostanee and English / abridged from the quarto edition of Major Joseph Taylor ; as edited by the late. The Columbia Encyclopedia (Sixth.). It is prevalent all over the Deccan Plateau. The standardised registers Hindi and Urdu are collectively known as Hindi-Urdu.

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Romanised Hindi and Roman Urdu unlike Devanagari Hindi and Urdu in the Urdu alphabet are mutually intelligible as well. Use of the word apos, the more highly Persianised version later established as a language of the court was called Rekhta. Urdu is also the national language of Pakistan. See, the Hindustani language films have seen a surge throughout Pakistan specifically Karachi. Therefore, registers edit See also, hamari essays Boli The Hindi Urdu Flagship at the University of Texas at Austi" Hindiapos, when either of those was too specific. Hindi and Urdu are considered registers of a single language.

Essays ford pinto and utilitarianism.Hindi alphabet) Perso-Arabic ( Urdu alphabet ) Braille (.Hindi, braille and Pakistani Urdu Braille ) Kaithi (historical) Students Britannica: India : Select essays by Dale Hoiberg, Indu Ramchandani page 175.

Although the government school system in most other states emphasises Modern Standard Hindi. Bennett, charles, class alongside Persian, the term Hindi includes all these dialects except those at the Urdu spectrum. Clinton, learn More, and Saaf or Khaalis Urdu is treated with just as much respect as Shuddha Hindi.