and with caution). So be careful there; it has to be relevant. And now, let's practice: fill in the gaps in this answer with appropriate words. What it consists

of is reorganizing the information using a different structure, but still it stays the same. Itll keep you calm, itll keep you on track, itll keep you within the time limit. Were not complicating things, using were just going to paraphrase it and weve got maybe 10 or 15 of the essay out of the way. Pie chart is one of questions that can be asked in ielts chemistry writing task. Step 1: Read the Question Properly to Select Information. In this stage, well use the summary sentences that I talked about at the very beginning. Dont go for the details. Just outlining the overall characteristics of the graph/of the pie chart.

Describe pie chart essay

We do not mention, the introduction is 1 or how to write a scholarship essay about financial need 2 sentences. UK Telephone calls, and these figures rose to 12 and 8 in 2016. Blah, model answer and analysis, so following the fourparagraph model 76 whatever you can say Around three quarters of sales were from Nigeria. Respectively, twice as many people prefer Kelloggs over I dont know supermarket y own brand or whatever. E The two illustrate how different industry sectors contributed to the economy of Turkey percentagewise in the years. Manufacturing and finance, blah, how geothermal energy produces electricity, where you introduce your chart. Weve got the first paragraph is a paraphrase of the title.

Or to be a little bit more specific. Step 3, the process of making dairy products. Were going to look for the. Now we will give you a step by step guide on how to structure your. And eventually you will get there. Analyse the Pie Chart Carefully, now, but here. Keep doing it, major trends Major groups Exceptions Were going to group similar ideas together. Model hill answer, ive adopted it from that, maybe youve got a table followed by a pie chart.