analyzing different elements inside and outside of our government over the period of different Prime Ministers throughout the Canadian political history. Mulroney attempted to introduce the Goods and Services

Tax (GST) and Chretien tried the other side of the bridge essay to cancel the privatization of the Pearson Airport. This shows that other actors in the political system can still cripple the PMs power. More recently with the move toward fixed election dates, the Prime Minister has limitations on his or her ability to call an election when they want; however, under specific and certain anomalies in parliament, this power can still be exercised. He will then run as an independent Member of Parliament with limited resources for his own work and has no procedural rights to raise any issue in the Parliament. The Power Of The Prime Minister The role of a Prime Minister has existed since the 1700's, however most historians find it hard to pin point or name the first ever Prime Minister. Polices from one department inevitably affect others. This centralization of power in the government is made worse by the inability of MPs in the house to hold the PM adequately. The Prime Minister will be able to push agendas without any resistance because the PMs power is derived from the party members of the House. A minority government maintains checks and balances for the party and Prime Minister in control, ultimately limiting the amount of power he or she has, and ensuring they exercise their power in a reasonable, democratic way. The house is made up of a more even balance of MPs from various parties, ultimately making the Prime Minister work on issues that pertain to both parties; otherwise nearly nothing will get done in Parliament. However this power has been gradually reduced until very recently the PM appointed the Lord Chancellor and the top judges in the country This has now been taken over by an Independent appointments body. After 1984, the Cabinet became even more institutionalized and less departmental; the Prime Minister became a more dominant part in government decision making. In conclusion, the Prime Minister is the head of the government, Cabinet chair, and party leader and also dictates the parliament. The government won by threatening to resign and the conservative MPs voted with the PM rather than face their electorate.

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It is able to execute polices faster without going through powers of the prime minister essay all the procedures in the policy making process. PMs continue in office until they resign or concede a defeat after a general election. There are many cases in Canadian history that dissent can be voiced behind the doors and have caused policies or government initiatives to be drops or amended. Vacant seats in the senate, some argue that if the Prime Minister had more power. A clear example would be Brian Mulroney signing the North American Free Trade Agreement without informing other members of the cabinet Hillmer Granatstein.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Is the Prime essay Minister Too Powerful specifically for you. Is the Prime Minister Too Powerful specifically for you for only 9page, a common argument in todayapos, reshuffle and sack members of the Cabinet. Powers within the government can also limit the Prime Minister. John Major did not actually need the approval of the commons as he can sign treaties with Prerogative Powers. The Prime minister is free to roam and deal with any file he wants. Appoint ambassadors and the heads of nationalised industries. If any elected member of the Prime Ministers party were to vote against the.

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In the British North America Act of 1867, section 91 outlines the powers and responsibilities of government, with a significant division of responsibilities between the provincial and federal governments (The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2013).Party politics (Samuels Shugart, 2010:.Prime Minister or any similar topic specifically for you.