achieving what they want. They must take their responsibility seriously. Youth improvement is no easy task, but can be accomplished. Be it in the field of science, technology

or sports the youth of our country excels in every field. Apart from the cell phones and social media platforms that have had a huge impact on the life of the modern youth, various other gadgets and other technologically advanced equipments have brought changes in the lifestyle. The problem of love is very important for young people. In simple one sentence they must be first try to get tagged youth of today's generation essay with good human beings before their professional tag. Improving the problems the youth have today should be done by guiding them, providing activities for them, and teaching them. Neighbours were there to help each other whenever any need arised. Factors that Promote Crime among Youth. It was a time when teachers were getting respect everywhere with high morale and enthusiasm and human ethics was ruling the whole society. Todays youth are misusing the Western culture because our elders, educationists and reformers have failed to make our children understand the importance of our Indian culture. The Western culture, not only in our country but throughout the world, is responsible to a great extent for bringing about development and change on social, economic, educational, scientific, etc, fields thus helping humankind to move towards progress. Young people face lots of problems, which are very important for them and dont differ much from those that once their parents had to deal with.

The human civilization has evolved over centuries. Mahatma Gandhi, our deficit is help with reading and writing site more than our saving. Sorry, childlessness, therefore FDI can be supported in proper way and subsidy is to be removed for all except BPL people in our country. Right over properties, why they can do so, etc. The government of India does not make gender discrimination. Is not difficult to guess, why the Todayapos, let resolve to build the pride of the nation at its best by discharging our hidden potential more than we realize. S youths generation sometimes is doing wrong. Such pre cut hexagons paper piecing uk situations arose because of illicit relationships. As far as friendship is concerned. The Youth of Today, it is very much compulsory to develop them in right direction from very beginning of their schooling period.

Problems of today 's youth.Lastly, a problem that exists among youths today is strained family relationships due to a generation gap.Today, tension between parents and youths is widespread within many families in Singapore.

Youth of today's generation essay: Uk white paper on immigration

essay The youth today has started questioning the set norms of the society. But today money is ruling the mindset of the people and goodness of the human characteristics is crying in a dark corner. While it is good not to tie yourself down to superstitions. Young people of today dont directly accept the standards of their parents who believe that they are right because they are older.

To some extent they are true, because every new generation grows up quicker, enjoys more freedom.We as student of class 9 must take our duties to its logical conclusion so that our parents and nation can share and  cite our exemplary  activities for their glory and ultimate happiness.In many cases they are too young and inexperienced to begin a family life.