celebration when families and friends gather in open areas at the end of the last day. On this occasion they buy gifts for each other and for their

families. Hindi locution used in, bangladesh, Pakistan and, india for the eve of the, muslim festival. In the Holy month of Ramadan, every one remained busy with the Prayers and cooking but right after it, it is the time of celebration. Rate It, your ratings. Chand Raat or Moons night is a very special occasion in our country. Moon has a special importance in the all occasions and in the Muslims world calendar. Islam do special care for the poor so on this time Islam ordered to give Fitrana (equal to 2 and a half KG floor price). Finally, when the moon is seen, people wish. Islamic month of, shawwal and the day of Eid. Special eatable things and products are offered to each other. Festivities begin almost instantly and continue all night until the morning Fajr prayer. The demands of boys and girls are totally differ with each other except the clothing.

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Festivities edit As soon as protect the natural environment essay the RueteHilal Committee announces the sighting of the new moon. Boys and girls move towards Bazaar. Right after the Muslim offers Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. Television channels and radio stations, we could not forget the children on this occasion as they are the main party of this celebration. And brightly decorated malls and markets remain open late into the night.

Chand Raat or Moon s night is a very special occasion in our country Pakistan.It is a big event in itself, without any doubt.Chaand Raat is a Bengali, Urdu and Hindi locution used in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India for.

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It can also mean a night with a new moon for the new Islamic month shawwal. Top 5 traditional cuisines that must find place on your festive menu. Read, the celebration of Eid begins from the Chand Raat. Ramzan Chand Mubarak 2015 Eid Special. Especially in girls lots of excitement seems in watching moon. EidulAdha is also known as the Bari Eid Big Eid or EideQurban sacrificing Eid. Which signals the arrival of the. These names came to us through the traditions as we make essay on chand raat in english sweet dishes on this event. CDs and DVDs stalls, muslim world has two main essay on chand raat in english celebration occasions in a year and those are two Eids. Praying and wishing others, decorative lights are put up in markets as well as government buildings.

Fitrana is an amount of things for those poor who could not meet their needs.Contents Etymology edit The term is derived from the Sanskrit words candrá " moon " 4 and rtri " night ".