Disco Should the band's genre be rock, pop, dance, emo, big beat, techno, punk, dance, techno, jazz, electronica, alternative, indie, etc? Mayonnaise It's dangerous stuff, not only for one's

waist but also one's sanity, at least on Wikipedia. Dissatisfied Brits continually tiptoe back, changing a to e, without ever actually proposing a title change for the article. John Logie Baird Apparently one may be Scottish, or British, but not both. An unidentified clerk (centre) tries to bring an end to a great edit war involving dozens of respected editors. PlayStation 4 Here's a penny for your thoughts: should our given retail price for this video game console, US399.99, be rounded to the nearest dollar and listed as 400, despite being technically incorrect and sources stating otherwise? I strive to work with the diverse group of people that State University wholeheartedly accommodates and who also share my mindset. What is the correct oral pronunciation of it? Siena College Which unincorporated (and thus unbounded) hamlet of the town of Colonie north of Albany, New York, is this small Catholic liberal arts college in: Loudonville or Newtonville? A long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long debate continues on the talk page, including teresting. The strangest fact of all about this incident is that the repeated reversions were done by the user who had originally introduced the 3 revert rule to Wikipedia. Four-user revert war on these important issues results in the page getting protected and listed on RfC. Normally this would be seen as over-kill for a humor page, but only by fools and knaves, blind to just how important this page truly. No, we can't do that, it shows bias and isn't npov. Canada Is this country in northern North America, in the northern part of North America, or just in North America? Michael Moore He grew up in Davison, Michigan, next to Flint, Michigan 143. Stopped only after admin intervention, but resumed writing again two minutes after the 3RR block expired. Some people would think. Pokémon Diamond Pearl Is it an RPG or is it a Console RPG? Led to dispute over what locations should be listed, whether they should be only major cities, small towns too, and suburbs of major cities. Yes, this really happened. 3rr violations, page protection, and vitriol spilling onto multiple talk pages ensue. An alert editor noticed that the tongue isn't actually touching the anus, and therefore is not a picture of what the article is about. As it currently stands, the article has been moved back to the form without a dot.

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Well Bill has done an excellent job.He will be missed but I know will continue to great things for our guys!

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Thankfully, none of the modern day warriors on this topic have access to real weapons (we hope!) Grand Theft Auto IV Is Niko Bellic (the main character) Serbian, Slovak, Bosnian, Croatian, Russian, or from some unnamed Eastern European country?Similar wars over the correct spelling of the word "colour" have happened far more times than anybody cares to count.Or does it mean to soundly defeat an opponent?