issues. I would also like to emphasise that the Austrian government fully supports this project. I would like to underscore that Slovakia is one of the most important and

reliable elements in the system of transporting Russian energy to European consumers. But the devil is in the details, and so we will wait for the results stars from the working commissions, and we will make a decision based on these results. Russia and Slovakia therefore welcome the adoption of a long-term programme calling for cooperation in this area. And today we have had the opportunity to sum up the results of this work. Paul Monk, of Southsea, had been drinking with friends in Havant in March before paper attempting to cycle to Hayling Island. The commission not only analysed available resources and the possibility of setting up our business ties for continued growth, but also achieved concrete results, such as a programme on nuclear cooperation. Thanks to the Prime Minister for the constructive talks, and for his generosity. There is only one solution: We must restructure our trade and economic cooperation, and decrease its dependence on external conditions. I will like to join the school soon, what are the requirement to study medicine? Of all the questions we touched on today, the issues of trade, the economy and scientific and technological cooperation are among the most important. Its most recent meeting was held in Moscow, on the eve of today's meeting. Image caption Paul Monk's body was found near Hayling Island's ruined railway bridge. Vladimir Putin: Mr Prime Minister, ladies and gentlemen, First of all I would like to express my satisfaction with today's meaningful and constructive talks. The unparalleled courage and heroism of Soviet soldiers will always be in our hearts. Increasing work on infrastructure is also on our agenda. His body was found on the foreshore after police said he got disorientated and ended up in the water. Miss Sadler told police that when she spoke to Mr Monk on the phone, he sounded "completely smashed". Applicants to main educational Specialist's programme "Medical Business" on fee-paying basis had to pass the following exams in oral and written forms: Russian language, Chemistry, Biology. We also support cooperation between Russian Railways and Tatra Wagonka, which will manufacture cargo platforms for the Russian Federation. The Slovak Republic and the Slovak government consider the Russian Federation to be a reliable supplier of these energy resources to our country. The programme was adopted at the 14th meeting of the two countries' Inter-Governmental Commission on Economic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation.

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S nuclear power plants use who Russian technology. And our goal is to finish this project. S inability to pay for Russian gas. Including in purely scientific areas such as the International Laser and Cyclotron Centres currently under construction in Bratislava.

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We are very positive about the cooperation between the Slovak Republic and the Russian Federation on nuclear energy. Increasing more than threefold within the past five years. The gravity and significance of these celebrations will be further increased by Russian President Dmitry Medvedevapos. And international progress in this area. And I have proposed to the Prime Minister that we establish a joint SlovakRussian company that would distribute the products of the Cyclotron Centre throughout Europe. I would like to thank my counterpart. Development and scientific base for continued Russian. It is with great pleasure that I note the political decision that we have reached with the Prime Minister there are now no obstacles in the way of Gazprom and Slovakian companies launching a joint venture. Prime Minister Fico, we welcome the Slovak Governmentapos, essay until recently. Both countries also pledge to enhance the competitiveness of their economies in the world arena.