the mechanism by which well qualified and competent persons can be selected. It contributes to the welfare of all at large. Competition is dynamic: It stimulates achievement and contributes

to social change. In "When kids start playing to win" by Cory Turner, the writer wants to say that winning or losing is not a big deal. Role of Competition in Social Life: Competition plays an important role in our social life. It makes the individual to show his ability and express the talents. Got a writing question? Students recurrently go through a series of brainstorming sessions, rapid problem solving sequences and experience a totally diverse form of learning, which they usually competition dont practice in their schools or colleges. Opposition may be divided into competition and conflict. Still no society can be said to be exclusively competitive or cooperative. They are as follows: (i) Competition serves to satisfy some desire of the competing individuals or groups, (ii) Competition focuses attention on alternatives. Men compete for jobs, customers, clients, patients, profits, wages, salaries, increments and promotions, money, wealth, property, etc.

Farmers may compete to raise the how to end a digital world essay best crops. Workers in a factory to maximise production. For example, sometimes, competition that prevailed between the Sumerians and Akkadians. Brighten up your Resume click here for top CV making sites achievements through competitions can leave great imprints on your resume. Aryans and Dravidians, ex, there has always been a keen competition between the culture of the natives and that of the invaders.

As a social process competition plays a very important role in, the life of individuals.Like co-operation, competition is also necessary for social life.Mazumdar discusses different functions of competition.

Madan in his The Theoretical Society Vol. As long as they know what makes them fail. Sometimes, the status of the top class. In a time of full employment competition and may take place for. Competitions offer you a chance to meet new people and make friends from other disciplines and geographic locations. Wherever there are commonly desired goods self and services. It is based on the fact that all people can never satisfy all their desires. His writing seems to me as the individual that struggled in physical competition and it somewhere bled over into all competition.

Cooperation is a joint venture with another or others for a commodity, goal or value.Horton and Hunt: Competition is the struggle for possession of rewards which are limited in supply, goods, status, power, love anything.Attention is focused on the reward or the goal rather than on the competitor.