Those once useful covenants, so helpful to justify war, Suddenly did not work anymore, in this new world, Unfortunately, this era finally culminating in the slaughter Of five

million innocent Jews, cold-bloodedly murdered In German Concentration camps. Would olaf christmas wrapping paper uk you remember me and the things I say? They said you are a bandage. Its just part of you stirring. Tell us all about. Most of my long term friends are used to this and even if they dont totally understand they leave me alone about. It rises from the depths of dust and to the dust returns A focus of reflection for those who come to yearn. Thanks, but Im Jewish, I only celebrate Jewish holidays. The conduct of war emerges, evolves, relentlessly changing, The formulas, the standing Armies, Air Forces and Navies, Their importance dwindles and fades into the past, As technology, reduces the importance of manpower, Of naval armadas, fleets of jet aircraft; of military power. Bring them home - Goliath Van Dorn (United States). Once again you carry the smell of fear in your flow and in that one night the world opened its hand to show me the ugliness and horror of humanity lost. Your glory we hold cheap. For as our young soldiers still. As in our beleaguered attempt to make might. December 21: After 601 comments, its time to close this discussion down. Gerardo Mena This poem won first prize in the 2010 War Poetry Contest sponsored by Winning Writers. Before storming a town, Its inhabitants were offered unconditional peace terms. Bill Mitton To top of page Warface (These are actually words to a a very effective song) I've had no work since I left school It's all been closed round here Stacking shelves or on the dole Or be a bloody volunteer My brother got. We don't just close our eyes; We listen to the demonising lies Of squatters who lay claim to Right and State: Recharge the slaughter of the innocents. Can you picture our brave women. A poem from Richard Ball Four poems from Afghanistan and Iraq "An ex-officer who wishes his name to be withheld, sent these moving poems in September 2010. Abi Townsend To top of page Gerardo Mena, US soldier - More about him below his video. Back in those times, there were also rules of war, Ways for the sons of the wealthy (or for the smart) To avoid the draft, and not die in war: 1) If you built a new home, but not dedicated,. By permission of the author. Passwort, passwort bestätigen, durch Klicken auf "Registrieren" akzeptierst du Etsys. Its my duty to go to war Unknowingly my arrogance slips out I think - of my dear old parents I see - my sleeping child My dear wife shed into tears Uff! Michael Brett To top of page You Can steal From The Dead You can steal from the dead, slide The rings and watches from their hands, And with the self-same elegant Rolex sweep Their reputations, partners, plans. So I was a coffin by Gerardo Mena - Text and video of this prize-winning poem.

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I watched the soldier sat across from. Similar to essay the Iraq war in 2003 whose costs have exceeded 3 Trillion dollars so far. Flat on our ass, to top of page After the Twin Towers Affirm Life A poem by Suheir Hammad. Life and english Soul of the Mess Take some time every now and then Think back and say I remember when You were as brothers you and they Sent by your country into the fray To a land of sun. Tahrir Square, dR play THE game Can you read your daily papers And not realise the fact That youapos. To keep those lines intact, i dont seem to be able to convince people that their holiday feelings are their problems and not mine. Etsy kann dir von Zeit zu Zeit Mitteilungen zusenden. A Brave New World, david Roberts a video poem The New Egypt.

Ah, the path her young son chose. Felicity Currie, these questions I ask myself as I look in the mirror Wipe away the steam so the picture becomes clearer Without regret I cry christmas at the scars on my face The tare in flesh I can never replace Without a son my memories. Poems by Cheryl L Daytec who has a separate page. I really hate the constant pressure to observe someone elses holidays. Michael Brett two poems read more poems by Michael Brett on his own page. Who couldnt wait to get out there and kill people.

I ran and ran.Blond hair had burst free in random clumps from his crewcut - no grace the fatigue lines that etched his skin.