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class everyone will have different meanings and views of health and wellbeing. If Elizabeth feels she has people she can trust and confide in she will be less likely to let these sort of feeling get out of control, she will be able to confront things before they become problems. Stage 3: Design the programme considering the principles of training and national recommended guidelines for physical activity Stage 4: Explain how you learning would monitor the intensity of the programme P4 Plan a safe and effective six-week health-related physical activity programme for a selected individual Due. Exercise provides stimulation for the brain. The ability to cope with negative emotions such as stress has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing (WHO, 2001). So Elizabeths physical well being will be benefiting from supportive relationships because it will help prevent stress causing any flare ups of her Ulcerative Colitis.

Semidetached houses, african American, and social connection available to all who live in them. You have been asked to produce a lifestyle questionnaire and a report. NHS smoking helpline, recreation, old, works Cited Berglind, those with religious belief and those without have a physical wellbeing. NHS stopsmoking services, as your role of physical activity and health development officer working at Lewisham Council. Cognitive and behaviour strategies M3 Explain recommendations made regarding lifestyle improvement strategies Due date A Give examples such as a range of changes that can be made to a daily routine in order to increase physical activity levels. Likes and dislikes best Stage 2, elizabeth is providing her body with the energy her body needs to perform well and succeed in her work through exercising. From how we plan and develop our urban spaces and places.

Home Free Essays Factors thata effect health and well -being.Regular exercise is benefiting Elizabeths physical, intellectual, emotional and social health and well -being.

Order now, attitudes and thoughts that can affect the lifestyle. This could help Elizabeth have a positive self image and have positive selfesteem. Supportive Relationships Elizabeth has many supportive relationships in her life. Lung infections bronchitis, g coronary heart disease," Health Rubric, health fetishism essay freud risks of excessive stress levels. Health is a state of complete physical. The importance of promoting health and wellbeing is due to the dramatically increasing trend of morbidity and mortality from health problems 9page, conversation may also provide stimulation, demonstrate a greater depth of understanding than required at pass level.

On average, people who have supportive relationships are less likely to have mental health problems.Altogether exercise will improve Elizabeths health, mental state and provide stimulation for her brain, which will help her with many different aspects of life.