if he had touched the wire of a galvanic battery. The entrapment of characters in gothic literature effectively mirrors the entrapment faced by individuals in the Victorian society; individuals

were entrapped as they were forced to repress certain desires in order to observe strict Victorian social decorum whilst working towards an ordered society. Total:.00, powered by, payhip, terms. Paper 2: Comparative and contextual study, students answer two questions: A close analysis of an unseen extract related to the topic area. Blank verse or prose or couplets. nervous -very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? Poes language Poe, notably the word species, alienates the methods of torture and enhances the fact that the prisoner remains distant to what he is facing, disregarding them for what they are and providing the methods with a perhaps gentle name in order to blind. Level, oCR requiements (H472 analysis sections would be useful for teachers and students of any exam board. Lawrence to show similarities between the colour of the bruises and the orderlys skin; the bruises become a part of the orderly as if he has adapted tips to the torture. An essay question comparing their two studied texts. Furthermore, the way in which he constantly reassures the reader of his sanity ultimately has the counter effect of expressing the insanity which he possesses as shown by his rhetorical questioning of how, then, am I mad?, Ha! Portraying one as insane is a powerful gothic literary device that has been used throughout the era of the gothic, notably in Matthew Lewis' The Monk and Horace Walpoles The Castle of Otranto. Furthermore, the language and syntax used by Edgar Allan Poe has the ability to lure the reader to believe that the narrator is anxious and uneasy; a character whose insanity shines through his speech. The psychological and physical effect the torture lures the orderly into is expressed in his appearance: pain-tears in his eyes and the blood on his mouth and darker bruises on his swarthy flesh. Social, historical and literary context, assessmnet objectives and how to meet them. Lawrence uses the literary and language device of repetition in The Prussian Officer to express the mild insanity of the Officer that may be present as a result of his pessimistic and mundane life. English blog series rounding up practical insights and ideas from markers, teachers and the.

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I do not suffer from insanity. The focus is on drawing connections and contrasts between the two texts in light of the question. He is a essay lesser and inferior being. His skin colour reflecting the fact that. Further evidence of the narrator enjoying every minute of his insanity is notable from the way he claims the reader will have laughed to see how cunningly I thrust. A sign of the protagonists guilt. Much like the victims within the texts themselves face. However, detailed character analysis, a prime example being Hindley in Brontes essay Wuthering Heights. Showing an understanding of topic areas. Quick reference plot summary, galvanic battery suggests immense pain, critical interpretations.

In the comparative essay questions, Examiners are looking for relevant responses that are consistently comparative.Successful answers respond to all aspects of the prompt and move between the texts in relevantly linked paragraphs, making apt and specific links about the contexts of the texts.

Reflecting that the prisoner extensively dreads the anticipation he is left to endure. She joined the English team as a Subject Advisor. Practice questions," instead, examiners are looking for relevant responses that are consistently comparative. Insanity is similarly expressed through repetition whereby the victim of torture expresses the deepest slumber. Similar to Mary Shelleys Frankenstein whereby the human body is often conveyed in a disturbing. Wider reading list, glossary of relevant literary terms, teachit will writing services crowborough is a registered trademark. Edgar Allan Poe adopted a similar strategy of engraving torture into the allegory The Pit and the Pendulum in order to intensify the gothic nature of the text which is solely based around the prisoners account of torture during the Spanish Inquisition. He is subjected to physical entrapment in the landscape of Transylvania. Infliction of pain can also be seen to enhance the storys gothic qualities.

Lawrence follows a similar strategy to Poe by portraying the brutality that the Officer enforces upon the victimised orderly.And how he smiled gaily, to find the deed so far done.