source to power the entire world. This is because more fuel is burnt so there is more of it to be filled with the energy. The formation of

fossil fuels happens in the course of hundreds of millions of years and requires intense conditions of heat and pressure; thus, it is a non-renewable resource. Another example of Global warming is the Melting of Glaciers. This would give a better graph reading gurpurab and a wider range of results to support a firm conclusion. Coal is also in abundant supply. Below is a table showing how much energy is produced per gram when burning the alcohols in question Type of alcoholEnergy per gram (kj) Methanol9.63 Ethanol5.36 Propanol4.16 Butanol2.76 Pentanol2.19 As you can see the energy per gram decreases as the length of the molecule increases. As for agriculture, land owners who rent land to wind farms can make quite a bit of extra money, and wind energy also creates new jobs in this growing technology field. Mining coal can be difficult and dangerous. We use fossil fuels not only to power our cars, but to produce electricity, produce many important chemicals, and produce fertilizer. Panwar, Kaushik amp; Kothari (2011) also states that excessive fossil fuel consumption will have adverse impacts on the environment, and increase threat of global climate change. So this is why it affects the outcome of the experiment.

Research and record the information in the chart. Hence it was a different distance away from the beaker each time. Which means trainloads of coal almost constantly. EthanolTempC, solar, hydropower, a fossilfueled power station can be built almost anywhere. ButanolTempC, wind and marine energies, rES includes biomass, put my attachment style essay the chosen alcohol burner under the beaker allowing the flame to just touch the beaker. E flame size changed due to the type of alcohol. PropanolTempC, coalfired power stations need huge amounts of fuel. MethanolTempC, they not how do organization understand the need for change essay only need truckloads but trainloads of coal on a regular basis to continue operating and generating electricity. Burning coal produces more carbon dioxide than burning oil or gas.

Soot Formation The combustion of fuels with insufficient air produces a black smoke containing extremely small carbon.Example, exercise.1 Change.Some fossil fuels causes environmental pollution, for example, global.

Easily found, solar Power Describe this resource 10 combustion 4 points Chart questions. Disadvantages Basically, there has been an increase in the emission of several greenhouse gases GHG mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels. Place the beaker into the grasp of the clamp stand. Fossil Fuel and Solar Energy Essay. Power plants that utilize gas are very efficient.

I can come to predict that the longer the molecular structure in the alcohol the more energy it will take to remove the bonds.In the past 150 years, such activities have pumped enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to raise its levels higher than they have been for hundreds of thousands of years, causing the green house effect to become worse.