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is stopping us from adopting this highly efficient technique of conserving water? DNA Science: A First Course. Chapter 4: DNA, Chromosomes and Genomes. Oxford: Oxford University Press isbn ;. We conduct research in a broad range of areas: ecology (including behavioral ecology, population biology, community ecology, physiological ecology, ecosystem analysis, and biogeochemistry functional biology at the cell and molecular level (including cellular physiology, molecular genetics, developmental biology, developmental genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics, in both.

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A few of the most concise papers ever published.So Many, papers, so Little, time A blog about scientific publishing and academic productivity.If you ever wondered about the shortest papers ever published, or you just.

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This one was a pleasure to examine. Faceboo, the managing improvement essay almost certainly unbeatable example of a short academic paper appeared more than forty years ago. In comparison with the other manuscripts I get from you containing all that complicated detail.

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A New PBS Video Explores a Timeless Question.In 2013, Evolutionary Anthropology published an article which approaches the theoretical boundary for the shortest academic article possible: it s two words.