conclusion or verifying that he has done well with all his efforts. Is it possible to experience fulfillment, positive recognition, appreciation, and most especially happiness in losing? He

is there to test himself for the skills and not for the pride. Its a great chance to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and helps you to take proper measures to correct your own mistakes and explore yourself to get the best out of you next time. Everyone has their eyes on the trophy. The artists are open to the criticism from members of the society. Before winners win, they also once were mere participants. It is about his good characteristics being credited and his bad ones being overlooked. People go to practice, take lessons, read, study up, etc in order to better themselves. However after a period of persistent efforts he managed to get 16 state level prizes in a year. He was speaking to school students who participated in Oviya16 an inter school drawing competition that was held in Arunai Engineering College here on Wednesday. June 24, 2017 by, kishore 3 Comments, winning is not everything but there is a requirement of something to measure one s performance. It shows that one is not afraid of losing, or is not concerned about the opinions of others. How can mere participation to something and not coming out as a victor good enough? Only a good rasika could become a good artist. Related, filed Under: Blogging. By practice or by talent, the person rises above everyone else, and mostly being set apart from everyone else is something that humans want. When your emphasise is only on winning, unknowingly you are developing a fear for failure.

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When you decide to participate in a competition. Each failure is an experience and lets learn to celebrate our failures more than transfer our success. Every competition is an opportunity for self empowerment no matter you win or lose. He likes to be validated, for many people, all the participants cannot be winners but when you decide to participate. You are getting an opportunity to meet and interact with new best people. But to shine in any branch of art one needed the quality of appreciating beauty.

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You are here, if not everybody, its chance given for self challenge. Sharing his experience with students he said that he used to participate in a lot of competitions in his school days and mostly he failed to win any prizes in the initial years. And joy, individuals compete, he wants to be noticed, people go to school. That is why winning is highly valued by most people. He likes being unique, fame, participating whether losing or winning is more will writing service lincoln important that triumph itself. He does not mean being weird unlike everyone else but having the best quality of that common thing that the people already have. Home blogging Winning is not important as participating.

It means that he has a strong sense of his self image, that whether losing or winning does not affect how he would feel or think about himself.This attitude will definitely boost your confidence and make you more matured to deal with probable problems.Man wants recognition in a positive way.