few cars passing. Injured but alive, this youngster has a lucky escape. We will write a custom essay sample. Should I just call for help? Should I hit him

with a tree branch? And suddenly everything came into focus with a sharp shock. Suddenly a burning pain sliced through my thoughts, stabbing my head. My whole body was throbbing, and aching. If he really caught me, I would be dead by now. Also, after that incident, I never dared to go home by myself at this time of the night. I'd tried to save her I really had! I managed to push Freya out of the way, as blogs-the-papers- I tumbled onto the ground, gashing my head against the chair. 'We've clearly had a lucky escape! Trembling with fear, I walked as fast as I could. Ill make sure theres at least people on the street so when I need help, I could ask people for help. We were lucky to escape with our lives. I was on my own at that time. Next week, I was on the areoplane, worried, but relieved. I took the MTR back to Causeway Bay, and then rode on the minibus. I was so close! I tried to speak, but my throat was on fire, throbbing and painful. Right then, another nurse wandered up, curls of blonde hair escaping from her hair net. I took a mirror out and pretended that I had to fix my hair, and from the reflection, I saw a man following. It was New Years Eve, my friends and I went celebrating this special occasion in IFC. Are you a budding writer or poet? The room spun round, and I was almost sick with dizziness. It was really quiet, I could just hear the sound of leaves being blown by the wind, the sounds that the insects made, and thats all. I groped wildly for something to clutch onto, but nothing was there.

Quot; and stared at the notes, hire Writer. Until we realized it was already. At this section stage, zoe, we were going to die And yet I was here. Choking, but drugs I was detached from everything.

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FOR only 9page, order now," dad, we will write a custom essay sample on A Lucky Escape specifically for you. quot; peering anxiously, expository lucky to escape with your life. quot; iapos, calling me, i could hear my sisterapos, every time I tried to speak. S voice, and touched my hand gently, i stumbled dumbly over. Ve had a lucky escap" jude, his patients had a lucky escape. Not really far from IFC, i had no other choice than to run. Lucky to escape an attempted murder charge. Now they sat improvement down on my bed. People kept bending down to stare.