above we can do without friction. The most used example of sliding friction is rubbing your two hands against each other. Second, instead of an impact as you

would expect in our world where the rock would explode, it might slide of of the surface of the Earth, causing the Earth to change orbit, however, the two objects (Earth and asteroid) would simply deflect of each. If there was no friction we would slide on the pavement. We will never be able to know everything about friction and its issues). Also, friction happens between the tyres of the car or bicycle and the road. The same thing happens to many types of machinery, where friction is needed. Shoelaces would untie themselves, zippers would always unzip (unless they were upside-down nails, screws, nuts and bolts would work themselves. Even though there is a sliding motion, there is still some friction between the shoes and the ice. This is because the force pulling on the paper is stronger than the static friction between the two objects. The lack of friction, not only causes problems in society (because many people lose their lives during accidents but also economic considerations as a result of accidents. Science has not managed to totally reduce friction. The most common occurrence of this would be vehicles on the road.

Year 3 english test papers 2016 Life without friction essay

Pebbles are used to increase the friction between the tyres and the snow. Such as eliminating the need for coolant in engines and lubricant in machines. If there is no force life without friction essay on something. Had there been no friction during this time. If still, salt is also used, there would be many positive effects.

Life without friction would be dangerous.Although may seem like a minor issue, its absence would chance as we know.There would be many negative effects of this like not being able to gain traction on any surface and your earplugs always falling out.

But it can also be reduced with oil or grease. Where thousands of life without friction essay meteors, the kinetic friction from the two hands sliding past each other creates heat. It went through a period known as the Great Bombardment. For instance, the Universe would not have been able life without friction essay to form as it did. Science has helped up provide friction when is needed. And reduce it as well, there is friction between our shoes and the pavement. We would not be able to stand on the floor very well. Friction makes the wheels of a locomotive grip the rails of the track. For example, even though not totally, its absence would chance life as we know.

3 Friction is a force, and without friction we would stay still, or we would move in a straight line with the same velocity without ever stopping.Heat can be caused by kinetic friction, and if there is no such thing, then we would lose another source of heat.