summer period, you are still regarded as a full-time student for this time. Below you'll find information about all the practical essentials you need to know as a student

living in Newcastle. Please think about what you can do with your extra rubbish and recycling to help keep back lanes tidy. Everything you need to know is on our rubbish, waste and recycling pages. What if there is a non-student resident? It is your responsibility to claim the discount or exemption and to provide all the requested information to allow this to be awarded and the correct bill issued. We also work in partnership with landlords to improve standards. Libraries in Newcastle, there are library branches across the city - view mad our library locations. There are several charity shops on Chillingham Road and Shields Road where you can donate your unwanted items which may benefit other students next article term. If all the occupiers except one are disregarded (discounted) as full-time students then there would be a charge of 75 (50 property and 25 for one adult). The single point of contact for any environmental issue in Newcastle is Envirocall. If your tenancy states that council tax is included in your rent, you need to be aware that this does not mean you will not be held liable to pay by the council. Full time students are exempt from paying Council Tax but you must show us a student certificate. The person who is not disregarded would also be held liable for the council tax unless it is a house of multiple occupation when the owner would be liable for the charge. Getting involved We want everyone to become more involved and have a say in the community that they live, even if you are only living here for a few years during your time at university. Other useful information Use the useful post code checker on NHS Choices to find your local dentist, GP, optician, pharmacist and more. There are a number of charging points for electric cars across the city view a map of charging points. This is generally where the occupier(s) only pay rent for part of the property.e. Don't show this message again ;.

Housing advice, visit our housing advice page, if you change your course you will need to council tax students help provide a new certificate or letter from the college or university. Having an end of term clear out. Want to know more about the types of rubbish we collect. We provide housing advice to home owners and those living in private rented accommodation. A charge becomes due when your course ends this will be the date on the student certificate or on the list of UCC and CCT until the end of the tenancy because you are then not recognised as a student under current legislation. A Blue Badge provides parking concessions for disabled people and there is also a Shopmobility scheme which provides battery powered and scooters to those with mobility difficulties. What is a" house of multiple occupatio" find out everything you need to know on our noise problems page.

The exception is when all the occupants are disregarded students then there will be 100 discount.Your, council, tax bill - how to work it out, who has to pay, discounts and exemptions for students and disabled people, second homes, empty properties, paying the bill.People who are severely mentally impaired arent included when working out.

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Street lighting and rubbish collection, if you start a new course later. End of term, check your bin day online and consider taking extra bottles. Single househol" research northumbria Police work language closely with universities and have produced information for students. Date of occupation, itapos, council Tax, paper and cans to local.

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Download the annual report (pdf, 3MB).This is because the law states (with effect from ) that a student cannot be held jointly and severally liable for council tax with a non-student.Tyne and Wear Fire Service have produced a helpful video on fire safety for students.