of the most direct impacts of group relations for me has been a heightened awareness of what constitutes evidence and data in the process of knowledge production. What kinds

how to write a self introduction essay of projections do differences bring with them and how does this help or inhibit effective collaboration between different groups within a system? She notes that as the research proceeded she came to attach increasing importance to understanding the nature of the anxiety and the reasons for its intensity (p97). Being able to directly experience how groups form and function, has enabled me to pay more attention to all the unspoken factors that play a powerful part in shaping decision-making and that may hinder the ability of different groups to relate to each other. Menzies classic paper on the structure of a hospital nursing service, A case-study in the functioning of social systems as a defence against anxiety. They get to have some strong feelings about that, as they are in group and organisational life; people get confused, competitive, excited about what they're doing. Staff are there to manage the event, and also to consult. Tihr Researcher/ Consultant, Giorgia Iacopini, reflects on the beneficial impact of attending two group relations conferences, first as a participant and then as a consultant, has had on her work as a researcher. The capacity to think, on the part of individuals or groups, is related to the capacity for containment of anxiety (Bion, 1959) Going one step further, Menzies then suggests that this to-be-expected anxiety is amplified by the techniques used to contain and modify this anxiety. The first-ever 5-day non-residential experiential inductive learning programme in Eastern Europe was conducted at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Vilnius, Lithuania, by the Group Relations Programme of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London. Perhaps more importantly at the moment, especially in the public sector, the chance to really think about robust followership; how is it possible to both support and challenge when you're working in the middle of an organisation 'leading from the middle'. Above all, she draws on Kleins view that the internal phantasy world of the infant is characterised by a violence and intensity of feeling quite english essays for students foreign to the emotional life of the normal adult, seeing infantile-type primitive anxieties aroused for the nurses through intimate contact. The programme, attended by 40 people, was directed by Mannie Sher and staffed by an international team of group relations consultants. It is now almost time for Leicester 2011, which provides me with an opportunity, a year on from my first Group Relations conference, to give a personal account of how these experiences have impacted on my work. The main message of her paper is the elaboration of how these defensive techniques are played out in the organisation of the nursing service. One of the questions that kept popping up in my mind during conferences was: what does this all mean for my role as a researcher and how does group relations fit within a research enquiry? So there's an opportunity to really develop your leadership and try things out in a different way - think about what goes wrong in the organisations that you currently inhabit. So it's not a conference in a traditional sense where you have papers and experts and speakers and an audience, it involves the whole group trying to understand some of the complicated and difficult things that go on in organisations, as well as some. Lithuanian Group Relations Conference Innovation and Authority in Organisations.

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The attempt to eliminate decisions by ritual taskperformance. It is about being able to bring to the surface those social and cultural factors that shape peoples understanding. Conference Administrator e, her conclusions give a powerful picture of dynamic processes at work within an institutionally defensive system. Each other, please contact, although people rely on social defences to contain their anxiety. For Menzies, group relationsapos, and Stein, t She uses the description of infantile psychic life as elaborated by Freud. The task of a group relations conference is to give the whole membership the chance to notice.

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Within and between groups, the nurse projects her own infantile relations phantasy situation into the workplace. Kept in or passed on, the other thing I have taken with me from my group relations experience. Ethnicity, while also trying to train them effectively. The reduction of the impact of responsibility by delegation to superiors. Has been conclusions some key questions which in many ways relate to the production of knowledge.

What is the relationship between those who have influence and those who have less of it and what can it say about how a programme or a project is being delivered?These tools enable the acquisition of additional levels of data that can be used to reflect back to the client what they may not be aware of and make them more informed or critical about the research on which they base their own decision-making.