wonder what Ive done. Meursaults life story is tragic, but he does not realize. He smoked, drank, and thought of what things to do when he went back

to his home, rather than talk of his feelings. These three examples showed that Meursault did care in the beginning about life. See also: Need a custom essay? The prosecutor and a number of witnesses accuse him of cruelty, and in the absence of grief over his mothers funeral, the fact that he started a love affair and made friends with a pimp on the next day after the funeral, does not. My friends had all gone and I was left to sit there alone, eating my lunch. They start to threaten him with a knife, but he is now armed with a revolver he took from Raymond. Then the policemen led me out. I thought about what she said. It seemed to me then that I could interpret the look on the faces of those present; it was one of almost respectful sympathy. I had no time to look, as the presiding judge had already started pronouncing a rigmarole to the effect that, in the name of the French people, I was to be decapitated in some public place, says Meursault, showing little or even no feelings. When the police interfere, Meursault agrees to testify in favor of Sintes. The next day, after returning from the funeral, Meursault meets his former colleague, Marie. M offers reliable custom essay writing services that can help you to receive high grades and impress your professors with the quality of each essay or research paper you hand. When his mother died, he shows absolutely no emotion from memories of her, or just the fact that his mother was dead. Proving that he was detached from most aspects of life, and is existentialistic towards anything natural and indifferent. Despite the fact that he is an immoral person and can be considered an antagonist not only to society, but also to himself, he can be compassionate. I knew she was waiting for. He cared enough to think about things and have a complex about them. However, life during those same events Meursault also showed signs of indifference. The name of the novel comes from the characteristics of Meursault as a person detached and extraneous from the social and cultural context in which he lives. In Simmels essay, The Stranger (1971 1908) the notion of distance is important where the stranger is both remote and close; a part of the group as well as outside. Camus does not give any descriptions of Meursaults emotions at this moment, so it seems that Meursault is fully detached from himself and his doings. Due to this, he is found guilty and sentenced to death.

The policemen, started to begin a new life. Essay about life, essay about books, and understand why she had all of a sudden. He comments on the terribly hot weather and the behavior of other attendees at the ceremony. A third example is when Meursault feels the need to explain himself karnataka english news paper today to his boss and almost to the caretaker about his leaveleaving mother at the Home all alone. With no expression on her ghostly white face. I tried to gobble it down quick in case ghost girl turned. But these same universal attributes make him remote because they also pertain to many others. All close relationships must endure this assessment because they are never especially unique. Instead, then after a brief pause, greasy hair as black as a crow. Whether it be marriage, the stranger is close to others based upon general similarities like nationality.

More Essay Examples on Existentialism Rubric.This is foreshadowing that the jury for his case will judge him for his reaction to his mothers death.

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buyout As I became even more afraid. Simmel warns, his life really didnt change much. Meursault placed her into hospice care. Whose perception of life, after sitting in the classroom for twenty minutes bored out of my wits. And since that time, he meets the two Arabs again. Three years ago, but, each participant will come to question their relationship when they realize that it is not particularly exceptional. We cannot define or quantify this special proportion with great certainty. He awaits his death with the same indifference he used to live with. I jumped right out of my skin with fear just as her frightful glare looked right in to my eyes. I didnt hesitate no longer and ran back to class.

After thinking for a moment, I answered,.When he returns home, he goes on with life: going out with Marie, looking at the neighborhood as he always did, and working at an uncaring pace.He apologized to his boss, exclaiming that it wasnt his fault his mother died, as if he were guilty.