publication) are usually typed with at least one-inch on all sides. Endnotes 1Alan Dundes, Taboo, World Book Encyclopedia. Put all of the information in the first citation. What if

I am citing an article in a scholarly journal? The typist should follow the standard rules and suggestions in these manuals for uniformity of spacing, margins, pagination, footnoting, etc. Thus, on a side-bounded page the center of typed line moves to the right of actual center one-half the number of spaces left for the binding. It depends on what needs to be cited. Show more unanswered questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. You need the following information in this order to footnote example a website: author or editor of the website, title of the website (in italics) and URL. Sample Footnote #5, text within the research paper: While most candy and sweet treats are believed to have a negative effect on those with, or susceptible to getting, diabetes, more research is supporting the idea that chocolate, when consumed in moderation, can have positive effects. The page number is usually typed one-half. Olaf Press, 2010 115. G., a period after the author statement, a period the title statement, and a period after the publication statement date). In McGrath, Ecological Anthropology, Anthropological, theories: A Guide Prepared by Students for Students 19 Oct. Before using footnotes to reference sources, check with your editor or instructor to make sure you should cite the sources using a footnote. G., The Information Superhighway is giving way to a Commercial Superhighway. For the others, use "ibid" and page number only as long as the information is from the same book. (Each program has a slightly different name for this function. Regardless of what style you're using, the use of footnotes does not replace the need for an ending list of references in the article, even though they are made superfluous. Example : You have already cited the Eastman, but then you cite it again in note #3: 3 Eastman, Family, Field, and Ancestors,. A footnote is to help further explain or give a specific source at the end of a page. Anthropological Theories: A Guide Prepared by Students for Students. What if I cite the same source again in my paper? FAQs regarding endnotes: What are endnotes?

New York 1, tattoos you would use a short form. Example of short form, reginald Daily, timeless wikiHow Examples. quot; endnotes must be listed numerically and consecutively. Community Q A, your footnote after the number might look like this. Olaf Press, d a source that talked about wikiHow articles and you wanted to clarify.

Endnotes must be added on a separate Endnotes or Notes page at the end of your essay just before the Works Cited or Bibliography page.All first Endnote references must be cited in full.Subsequent references of the same work may be shortened to include only the authors last name and page number.

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