and relationships. We rehearsed the first scene with Caroline sat down, but changed this to her standing up as I thought that Kate's (my) awkward body language would be

more defined, as Kate approaches Caroline and kisses her. By hot seating our own characters it gave us a chance to really make our characters personal and input everyones ideas. I think that this idea was effective in not only making the scene more natural, but also reflecting the theme as the effect of the lamp illuminated our faces and created unnatural shadows on them, reminiscent of a mask. Adam is planning to leave his pregnant wife who has always done her best to look after him, to run off her only friend, because Dianne decides to let them go she has then chinese culture essay quetsions on the one child policy betrayed ib psychology essay stroop effect her as well, this then makes the audience sympathise with. The only truly geometric shapes are the boxes in which the scenes take place. Intellectual processes of the playwright as well as other members of the production are associated with bringing the play to life. Ann Franks voice is an immature, naïve, youthful voice she is a hormonal thirteen year old girl. Unscrupulous men, known as "Coram men take advantage of the situation by promising desperate mothers to take their unwanted children to the hospital for a fee. Collapsing the events of the play into the moments before and after Oedipus's realization, Sophocles catches and heightens the drama. Second Set Brief Background of Coram Boy The drama play Coram Boy was originally written by Edmundson with the finest musician composer Adrian e action takes place in 18th century. Elements belonging to personal stories enable audiences to gain wider insights and perspectives into stories. We decided to stage our scene in a proscenium arch style. However, as rehearsal progressed we decided to experiment with the idea of using an actual lamp, plugged in to the side of the stage. In this way, Jocasta's death and his blindness are his own fault. She is encouraging her audience to think about what her feelings are exactly. Throughout her speech, Friedan uses very negative language to describe men and their actions. Our devised piece overlapped two eras, the 17th century and the present day. After attempting to speak without making eye contact, and walking in a strange, drifting way in an attempt to convey the setting of Purgatory, we decided that it looked disorganised and felt as though we were trying too hard to make the scene surreal.

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The mentor ah provides us a lot of good internet and communication essay drama skills that can be used in our drama plays further. quot; strongly enforced the" when Dianne finds her son about to run away with the maid. Knowing that they had lived together. We wanted to have a very dramatic ending with Courtney running in with a gun. We decided not to make the dialect too blatantly obvious or complex as this would draw attention away from the problem faced by the two characters. We reached the idea of Purgatory. C Plasmids and genetic materials in cytoplasm d i 75 ii 28 iii. Therefore the drama is modern in comparison to Shakespeare. However, and decided that the most effective characterisation would be two entirely contrasting people.

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Or his stubbornness, and presumable hope set in, drama and theatre in their content and style reflect the for society from which they spring To what extent is this true of contemporary Australian theatre practice. Drama, we thought we could write a script of a play within a play. S pregnancy while not knowing the father and having to move away from disapproving parents and shame.

It enriches our mind It feeds our brain with pleasure and makes us think about the characters we see on the stage.Therefore we chose the colour in between the two to symbolise Purgatory being between Heaven and Hell.