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the company as a going concern, would be simpler and more cost effective, whilst also protecting creditors and allowing investors appropriate. The DTI should call for more urgent reform of EU legislation affecting public companies, and should take the opportunity in the forthcoming Bill to effect this reform for private companies. How to Pick the Perfect Flavor for Your Next White Paper. "Origin of White Papers". In July the Government consulted on some additional draft clauses for the Bill, which we responded to ahead of the Bill's introduction to Parliament in the autumn. Two others are much less well established: A blue paper sets out technical specifications of a technology or item of equipment. Allowing for proportionality by contract is not designed to absolve those who are at fault from responsibility. 10 There are, essentially, three main types of commercial white papers: Backgrounder : Describes the technical or business benefits of a certain vendor's offering; either a product, service, or methodology. They may also present research findings, list a set of questions essay or tips about a certain business issue, or highlight a particular product or service from a vendor.

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