those products/services, which they can produce/provide with the lowest opportunity cost and total production cost. It includes such factors as air, water, sunshine, land, temperature and so on

which are absolutely indispensable for people to live on this planet, which also change the peoples activities and enable them to make a large amount of achievement by taking advantage of them. Accelerated by the dawn of the internet and an opening up of transnational borders for economic trade in the 1990s, global media corporations have rapidly penetrated overseas markets with products aimed at consumers in what could be seen as a cultural ideology of consumerism. In science 1996, the number of the multinational corperations reached over 44000. In the production field, the industry means begins to mode from extensive form into intensive form in order to reach a more environmental growth and a sustainable development. The integration of global culture refers to different cultures coexist and intergrow harmoniously under the same sky. As for other communication means, such newspapers, it increases 5 times as fast as the previous year, and list will. The case study of Japans pink globalisation is one such reverse flow. Culture is the carrier of any human civilization, therefore it is another important constitution of globalization. However, the improvement of the environment condition requires our human being to raise our consciousness of protecting it and demands our common efforts to reserve. It is first shown by the internationalization of manufacturing systems. As an important content and symbol of globalization, culture is the magnification of the integration of globalization in all directions. Other continents however, have proved themselves not yet ready for such a change. In exploring global flows of culture, we can observe these major assumptions about globalisation as well as its changing nature. So, what merits our special attention is how to keep and promote native culture under globalization. With the furthering opening of the market and the expansion of the trade scale, the world manpower and material and technological resources are all absorbed into the world production systems, in which they are interdependent and impartible with each other. The trend of globalization can be accepted by the people around the world, because they share some common concepts such as in culture, politics, way of economic development and especially in the way of thinking. For another, some small countries native culture are being challenged. With the mutual recognition and understanding globalization can be achieved and can have a better development. Hence, allowing all countries to produce and trade in the most efficient way so that the highest attainable welfare for all countries is reached. However, Globalization is sword with two blades. At last this paper also mentioned the mutual recognition of people involved in the globalization, because this is another precondition of globalization, as well as an important factor for mutual understanding. It has enabled trade to grow, capital and education flows to increase and a better allocation of resources to be met around the world. New, reverse cultural flows have begun to emerge and question these traditional assumptions. At the fifth place, all human beings are responsible for the ecological environment. The aims of having a globalized community is to have interdependence of the entire world and its people from each other with concern for the rest of the world at the expense of national self-development and self-interests. We are faced with the same disasters as severe air pollution, deterioration of water quality, desertification, acid rain, ozone hole, etc.

They invested their capitals to overseas global to make s greater profit. With its more merits, thus to resolve such issues, it has been spoken of as a fashion word. We have entered a society of knowledge economy. And treating information industry as the leading industry. Financial capital finally broke from the constraintion of national boundaries and practical tools which made become real international citizens. But concerning the pollutionmaker, therefore, but today, it is true that there may be some negative effects of globalization. You agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Seeing from the present condition, we have to admit that the trend of this tide will continue. MNEs that go to LDCs for example.

For example, people tend to pursue a more proper and sound lifestyle. Ideology, secondly, including economy, help culture, which helps to lay a theoretical basis for the application of a sustainable development. Besides, it refers to the exchanges and utilizations among different resources and production factors.

Though we couldnt give a definite definition to it, observing from it main constitutions and the features of them, we can have a overall idea about.The reason for this firstly is due to the expansion of the communication scale and the acceleration of human source exchange.