give the employers a clearer picture of your skills and experience. Because you are using the criteria to choose the best applicant, it is important that the criteria can

be measured. Common phrases are used in selection criteria. Before you begin addressing the selection criteria, you should have a thorough understanding of the position you are applying for. 22 These responses should reflect how your specific background and experiences have prepared you to do the job. To edit a component, click the component name. 3 Consider other response methods. The example job description usually provides directions for responding to the selection criteria. About Related Pages, related Pages displays the Related Pages and Components report. Meets restaurant financial objectives by developing financing; establishing banking relationships; preparing strategic and annual forecasts and budgets; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions; establishing and monitoring financial controls; developing and implementing strategies to increase average meal checks. Essential criteria are absolutely necessary to fulfill the position. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. 11 Some employers have a specific format that you must follow. The essential criteria should help applicants decide if they are well suited for the position. 2, list the essential and most important criteria first. Jani Rautiainen-Oracle, jul 1, 2014 11:39. These methods may be more helpful depending on how the criteria are written. Here is What Students Say About Jess Garcia: "Overall Jess is an amazing instructor - broadly experienced, and methodologically and didactically competent." - Thomas Slzle, Bundeswehr. If you are referencing a transferable skill or potential to do something, you would use phrases like "aptitude for" or "capacity." 3 "Knowledge of "awareness of and "understanding of indicate that you expect familiarity and/or comprehension. 5, using key expressions will help you avoid including personal qualities. Look for incomplete sentences, misspellings, inappropriate word use, formatting errors and awkward wording.

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