themselves in through the windows. The scene becomes all the livelier when a train steams. I purchased a railway ticket for my elder brother and a platform ticket

for myself. There was still a great excitement. There is no end of noise and bustle. The guard blew the whistle and waved the green flag. I bade good-bye to my sister and brother-in-law and slowly made my way to the main gate. As there were two sleeper coaches I had to run from one to other till I found the berth reserved for my brother-in-law. I ran to the window for the platform ticket for myself. Passengers were waiting eagerly for the arrival of the train. Their faces bore an anxious look. Scene at Railway Station when the train arrives. Advertisements: Suddenly, there was an announcement that the Punjab Mail bound for Amritsar was arriving at Platform.

Some come to see off their friends and relatives while others come to board the trains bound for different parts of the country. The railway station is a essay very interesting place. Essay on Railway Station, i saw many emotional scenes at the platform.

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Essay on railway platform. Example of an essay on finance

There are separate waiting rooms for males and females. Hawkers were also moving up and down. All the passengers on the platform stood. On the platform there is also a bookstall where books and newspapers are sold.