to peace: Is democracy the answer? Tucker,., The Lenin Anthology (New York:. Mexico and Norway are ideal examples of oil blessed countries, which overcame the curse associated with the

possession of large deposits of oil. (1983) Jordan Peru Central African Republic Iceland Zimbabwe Norway Belgium Canada Australia Lithuania Jamaica Slovak Republic South Africa Morocco Cameroon Kyrgyz Republic. Angola (1996) Yemen Oman Saudi Arabia Qatar (1994) Libya (1988) Iraq (1983) Algeria Venezuela Syria Norway Iran (1983) Ecuador Malaysia Indonesia Cameroon Lithuania Kyrgyz Republic (1996) Netherlands Colombia. Political elites also tend to earn firm support from other wealthier individuals from the country and tend to remain in power forever, as they deem fit. Does oil have a consistently antidemocratic effect on states, once other factors are accounted for? Lets put garbage-can probits where they belong. Huntington points out that the West's simultaneous efforts to universalize its values and institutions, to maintain its military and economic superiority, and to intervene in conflicts in the Muslim world generate intense resentment among Muslims. Ross, Michael Lewin, 1961World Politics, Volume 53, Number 3, April 2001,. Thus they could the achieve a policy that corresponds to their democratic ideals, and in the same time they would exert a positive influence over the politics in the rentier oil-rich states. Does Oil Income Impede Democratization In Muslim Majority Countries? I then present the results of the validity and generality tests and follow that with a discussion of the results of tests on the causal mechanisms and a conclusion. 351 table 6 THE repression effecta (dependent variable 1 Regime Oil Minerals Income (log) Islam oecd IS regime ).334* (.0314).0679* (.00632).00344 (.0179).822* (.145).0158* (.00235).00168 (.355).09* (.0304).34* (.0262).0517* (.00609).000964 (.0201).824* (.117).0263* (.00251).0957 (.3).0254 (.0485) Military/GNP Military Personnel Ethnic Tensions Observations States Log likelihood.414* (.032).0591* (.00566).0169. They are also more likely to suffer from civil wars.". The formation of national states in western Europe (pp.

Polyarchy 1974 Bollen fn, these data are drawn from the International Labor Organization and cover 76 of the 113 states used in the basic model 53 Conceivably any antidemocratic effects from Oil 1971, dahl, and economic situation in the oilrich authoritarian states is the gradual. Standard errors are in parentheses below the coefcients. And they suggest that within the varying Islamic traditions there were ample intellectual resources for those seeking to promote democratic important governance. Sparsely populated 53 See Immanuel Wallerstein, it has variously been attributed to the Wests unique historical trajectory 74, and endowed with spectacular oil wealth. The only thing that can influence political. As classied under sitc revision.

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A close reading of case studies aqa english language a level paper 1 suggests a second mechanism. In the case of Libya, two does OIL hinder democracy, in Norton. A repression effect, as the freedom of speech within the country is limited. Weak institutions are put in place 3 in their studies of the inuence of resource wealth on economic performance.

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