the coalition agreement published in May which promised that there would be no further top-down restructuring of the NHS. Studies have shown that employee-owned organisations are more productive

have greater staff engagement and are more innovative and we welcome proposals to encourage employee ownership in the NHS. Department of Health website. Recent research suggests that few patients make use of publicly available information on the quality of providers, and many people find it difficult to understand and interpret data about the quality of providers (Dixon et al 2010a; Boyce et al 2010 forthcoming). Waiting times for hospitals have been transformed and there have been improvements too in access to GP services. This builds on practice-based commissioning and other attempts to develop primarycare-led commissioning but is much more ambitious in its intention that all practices should be involved and that practices should commission most of the services needed by their registered populations. Against this background of substantial progress in improving performance, albeit with more work to do, the case for radical reform needs to be clear and convincing. British Medical Journal, vol 341, c The King s Fund 2010. A measured approach of this kind would minimise the risks we have identified and increase the chances that the reforms will bring benefits to patients. Available at: Stories/2010/July/07/px (accessed on ). The introduction of the policy allowing patients to choose where they received hospital treatment required a freedom new hospital payment system that reimbursed hospitals for the number of patients treated and the types of treatment given. Improving NHS productivity: More with the same not more of the same. The economic regulator (Monitor) Monitor s role in licensing providers, promoting competition, setting prices and supporting continuity of services will involve a careful balancing act. Dixon A, Boyce T, Fasolo B, Reutskaja E (2010a). The Healthcare Commission was established in 2003 to bring together the work of CHI, the National Standards Commission (the independent regulatory body responsible for inspecting and regulating residential and domiciliary care) and also the efficiency work relating to the NHS that was carried out. All five countries have to regulate a health care system comprising public, for-profit and not-for-profit independent providers. Prospects for NHS funding: London: The King s Fund.

Speech to NHS Live conference, s proposals leave a number of areas unclear. British Social Attitudes Survey, by combining increased accountability to local authorities with devolution of budgets to primary care teams. The coalition government proposals are designed to take the development of a mixed economy further. The transfer of responsibility for public health staff and budgets to local authorities is a bold move that may enable more attention to be paid to prevention than has often been the case in the NHS.

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(official, US: ; also, non-US ) is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear.This short briefing describes how regulation of health care organisations.Projects ; The NHS White Paper; The regulation of health care in England.

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The key proposals relating to regulation should minors be allowed to get tattoos essay are as follows. Accessed on, the previous government, world class commissioning, friends and families when choosing where to go for hospital treatment. To expect GP commissioners to succeed where previous approaches to commissioning have struggled to make a plain paper flags uk sustained impact would be a triumph of hope over experience. A health policy chimera, as discussed above, these organisations rarely give priority to organisational change. Examples include urgent and emergency care. Smoking rates are falling, particularly at a time of huge financial pressure in local government. Whether this happens depends not only on the motivation and competence of GPs. In practice, however, private sector providers could appeal to the panel if they felt they had not been given a fair opportunity to compete. With the aim of creating a mixed economy in which any willing and licensed provider could offer services to NHS patients.

The report found that even though those health systems share many objectives with the NHS there is no agreement on the best way to regulate health care systems, and regulation must be appropriate to the particular structure of each system.The Chief Executive of Geisinger has emphasised that these innovations occur when the organisation is both the commissioner and provider of care because it is only in these circumstances that incentives align to support quality improvement (Dentzer 2010).Available at: dh_ pdf (accessed on ).