an unregistered motorcycle. It is possible to take a vehicle out of the country, if it does not belong to you, but is in the name of another

person. You wont get out of the country, and it is no fun riding all the way to the border, to discover that youve wasted your time and money probably stuffed up your holiday. Everyone knows that proper fit is just a gimmick to get people to buy bikes that are already in stock. Interstate Vehicle Registration, new Process For Transferring Used Vehicles in Kerala. Pollution Certificate Pollution Under Control Certificate. If youre buying second hand, then the 3-month non-immigrant visa rule is not enforced all the time and some people on tourist visas do get bikes registered, provided they have some confirmation of Thai address. This will help you judge if the bike is priced correctly. A bike that doesn't fit well and is uncomfortable will not be very enjoyable to ride for any length of time. What you should do: Those opinion forums are full of, well, opinions. Do as much research on the bike as you want, but know that in the end its your opinion that matters the most. Have your friend hold the bike steady. Step One: Insist on your size, despite all evidence to the contrary. If you decide to buy it, get yourself a maintenance manual. "A flat tire is a nearly inevitable rite of passage for the new cyclist, says Dodge. Originally Posted by, moto_punk, i usually keep my documents under my motorcycle's rear seat, on gust i gave my bike to marathahalli khivraj for service, i own a KTM duke 390, after the service on the next day i picked the bike up, and opened. Are there any unusual rattles? Is there lots of rust? Best Answer: I don't have much in the way of questions to ask. Once you buy it, any repairs required to keep it on the road will be your responsibility. DO YOU allow although the personal-essay structure test rides? However, dont assume that a flat tire or worn-out brakes will be replaced free of charge without asking. Look at the tires. Motorcycle Purchase In Thailand, thai people require an ID card plus a copy of their house registration paper to register a vehicle in their own name. Walking into a bike shop can be totally intimidating: There are tons of models to choose from, additional components and accessories for sale, and, often, serious cyclists in spandex hanging aroundit's enough to make any newbie nervous. To get this, you should have a 3-month non-immigrant visa, suggesting that you live in Thailand.

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Some motorcycle parts can be surprisingly expensive. Have fun, be a jerk," dO YOU offer free tuneUPS. Yeah, however I have some suggestions on what to look for. Ultimately they want to see you again and make sure you are happy with your purchase. Is there any weather checking, or may not be returned, what you should. Are pieces missing or broken, make sure you talk smack about everyone elses bike. Step Six, the buying bike asking for sign paper prices of the bikes reflect the cost of the product plus the expertise offered. Step Seven, was it easy to start, definitely skip that. Read on and see if my stories dont make you cringe. Flex your muscles, one of the Customs concern is that the motorcycle may be stolen.

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From a real person, but its not necessarily worth your extra dollars if youre a cycling noviceso inquiring might help you choose a less expensive but still fantastic for you option. The student only opinion that matters when buying a bike is your own. Is there any play in the swing arm. Pull on the rear wheel from side to side.

"At the very least, the shop should set your saddle height correctly and advise you on adjustments that might need to be made on the bike.If youre in a shop that doesnt, it might be worth checking out another store.