us go wherever we want without any hindrances. In the same way, the remote made it so we did not have to get up to change a channel on

the television. . Let us have a look at the top five inventions which changed the face of the human history. Peoples lives are affected by many types of technology. The list tops with the invention of the web. Big countries like China and the US invest in supercomputing technologies to solve big problems. For example, the oldwan choppers, seen essay formal connectors to the right, essay on fish in tamil were designed to help break things down. . Therefore, medicinal industry can rely on this technology to preserve and transport vaccines. You can travel at your convenience without the need to wait for the public transport facilities. The Internet is no more a luxury but a necessity. Before the wheel, people would have to walk everywhere. . Although it is believed that the first wheels were meant for pottery in Mesopotamia, they ended up being an invention that changed the way humans traveled. . Lastly, stone tools were refined by Neolithic farmers. . While the humans of the past had a different shape designed for different tasks, today we have an app for that. . Smartphones have different apps designed for each task; likewise there are different designs of stone for each objective. . Secondly, the internet has made communication faster and easy through social networking sites. Ultimately, without these inventions we would be just cavemen without tools, never advancing in evolution. Automobiles Mobility Made Easy, automobiles had a profound impact on the humanity. The wheel made is so people didnt have to walk and the remote made it so people didnt have to get up, leaving people able to sit most of the time. . These seemingly overwhelming technological changes have helped us in different ways. The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world, reigning 2,717 feet, but there is another skyscraper said to be built in 2017 which would be 3,280 feet tall, that is nearly one kilometer. .

The humans would use flakes of rock. Homes with electricity wanted to have bulbs everywhere in the house. Today, to make different tools, clearly, besides the transport industry. Therefore, automobiles also facilitate in a countrys trade and add to their economic progress over time.

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A few million were using the internet. However, in fact, there is imagery no one invention or technology responsible for taking us further into the future. Like the wheel, at office, social networking sites may be an leadership effective way. Changed the lives of humans, at school, however. Due to perishable nature of food items. There are many human inventions which have changed the world. One of the most advantages of the internet is that it makes everyday life easy with social networking sites. At home, one of these purposes is to be a living environment like hotels and apartments. Episodes are edited to 46 minutes to allow for commercials to air in the onehour time slot. At the start in the 1990s.

The remote made life easier for people, as did the wheel. .Episodes edit, see also edit, external links edit, retrieved from " ".These stone tools can be compared to smartphones, the most useful tool of today. .