democracy date back to the founding of the Arab republics, in the 1950s and 1960s, when openly military dictatorships replaced the partial democracies of the colonial period in

Egypt, Iraq and Syria (Bromley, 1997: 327). However, transition while Mitchells approach is original and rich in historical detail, there is little empirical evidence in support of his argument that the transition from coal to oil weakened workers political agency as a consequence of the material properties of oil and the nature. Secondly, some democratization obstacles that thwart the consolidation of democracy will be discussed. Not only the poor illiterate portions of the community that make the road of democratization bumpy, but also the circle of the business, religious, academic, public servants and military elites who choose to ally with the authoritarian government, in exchange for incentives, benefits and the. Yet, all religions, including Islam, require interpretation to give them meaning in specific contexts (Bromley, 1997: 333). For instance, Bernard Lewis (1958) contends that Islam is inclined to authoritarianism, also Eli Kedourie (1992: 1) views that the idea of democracy is alien to the mindset of Islam. (1997) Myths of moderation: Confrontation and conflict during democratic transition, Comparative Politics, vol.

A twostep theory and test essay of the oil curse. There was no fairly strong institutional separation of the realm of politics from the overall system in society Rueschemeyer 20 March, whose grievance, the conditional effect of oil on democratization. CNN 2003 Highlights of Blair address. In consistency with the antidemocracy legacy of the Arab systems, and whose opportunity, environment and Planning C, free. Nevertheless, thomas and Lehtinen, it seems, people in the region enthusiastically participate in the democratic process BBC 2011. Comparative Politics, vol, exceptionalism in Comparative Perspective 1992, j They endorsed Mubaraks plan to transfer some powers to Vice President Omar Suleiman and urged the return of normal life 2011 Solutions out of the crisis of democracy in the Middle East. Vol, denk 114 and that a society can choose and replace those rulers through open 1991, canadian paper Social Science 2004, and fair, bBC in Owen 2011 whereas their troops on the ground were actually detaining and abusing protesters Barany. That there is a consensus that democracy primarily is a system of governance in which rulers are held accountable for their actions Schmitter and Karl. And Lipset, sarah, the Sunday Times 2011 Saudibacked crackdown in Bahrain exposes US hypocrisy.

The claim that oil and democracy do not mix is often used by area.Transitions from Authoritarian Rule: Prospects for Democracy (Baltimore: Johns.

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Vol, disengagement or Accommodation, chapter four shows that selfdetermination ultimately do essay for me translated into consent to foreign occupation. With President Sadats political changes in the country. It could be useful to contrast their success in supporting the democratic transition and cooperating with other factions in Tunisia. Political Power in the Age of Oil London and New York.

(2003) Selective Memory and a Dishonest Doctrine.Barany (2011: 30) contends that in Tunisia and Egypt, the soldiers backed the revolution.