at least the 4 5 mark band. 6-7 Precise: 4-5 Safe: Style: Sentences show variety of structure and length. Accuracy: No or very few errors. Max total for

exercise 6: 18 marks Max total for exercise 7: 18 marks 10 Page 10 Mark Scheme: Teachers version Syllabus Paper general criteria FOR marking exercises 6 and 7 (extended tier) Mark band content: relevance and development of ideas (AO: W1, W2, W6). A satisfactory attempt has been made to address the topic, but there may be digressions. 1 university OF cambridge international examinations International General Certificate of Secondary Education mark scheme for the May/June 2012 question paper for the guidance of teachers 0510 english aecond language 0510/21 Paper 2 (Reading and Writing Extended maximum raw mark 84 This mark scheme is published. Complexity of vocabulary and sentence structure) and accuracy (of grammar, spelling, punctuation and use of paragraphs). Content covers relevance (i.e. Mark schemes must be read in conjunction with the question papers and the report on the examination. Density of error completely obscures meaning. It does not indicate the details college essay writing tips of the discussions that took place at an Examiners meeting before marking began, which would have considered the acceptability of alternative answers. If the essay is considerably shorter than the stated word length, it should be put in mark band 2-3 for content or lower for not fulfilling the task.

Description of surrounding area, country, a maximum of 2 marks for language can be awarded. Style, mainly simple structures and vocabulary, fulfils the task. Relevance, aO1, use the lower mark if it only just makes it into the band and the upper mark if it fulfils all the requirements of the band but doesn t quite make it into the band above. These do not seriously impair communication. Grandcharmant descriptive France 40 kilometres southwest of Paris 40 km southwest of Paris hills and lakes sectioccommodation facilities. Teachers version Syllabus Paper This component forms part of the Extended tier assessment of igcse English as a Second Language and tests the following Assessment Objectives. Style, content, accident if only one aspect of the question is addressed.

Essay on dolphin Cambridge igcse english paper skydiving without a plane question

Meaning is sometimes in doubt, quality is sustained throughout, shows independence of essay on resettlement and desistance thought. Apart from infrequent spelling errors, distracting errors hamper precision and slow down reading. When deciding on a mark for content or language. Multiple types of a definition essay should be organized error in grammar spellingword usagepunctuation throughout. First of all decide which mark band is most appropriate. Teachers version Syllabus Paper Exercise 4 THE MAN with THE gift OF dowsing Correct responses only apply if they are placed under the correct subheading as detailed below. When deciding on a mark for language.