specific purpose and that you can organise your ideas in a logical way. Extended syllabus, aim for about 185 words. Describe your surroundings and your thoughts and feelings as

you return. Scribe nightfall as you reach camp in the middle of the jungle. 1 Describe a time when you felt special. Scribe a place called Paradise on Earth. Tip 1: Informal letter, you may be asked to write an informal letter to a friend or family member. Describe what you can hear, as well as what you can see, as you gently open the door. Describe how they reveal their personalities, relationships and emotions. In your description you should try to capture what makes you unique. R many studying overseas essay years you have heard exciting and humorous tales about an elderly aunt/uncle in your family. Up to nine marks academic writing tasks are awarded for content, and up to nine marks for language (5 5 in the Core papers). Agine you return home after a long period away. Explain your thoughts and feelings as the capsule is opened, and describe some of the items. If you are taking the. In Exercise 5 of the igcse English as Second Language (E2L) paper, youll be required to write a summary for a text. 97.You climb a tree and cannot be seen. Robert, it should end with Yours sincerely. Imagine you enter a crowded train or bus for a short journey. Describe what you see and/or hear and/or feel that makes you enjoy this time the most. 89.Your community is celebrating a historic event in the open air. Imagine you have moved house. Describe the place, and your feelings and reactions. The door is closed. The clouds had no place in the morning sky as the majestic sun reigned supreme. Describe what you see and hear, and the atmosphere around you. It is important that you read the question very carefully, and that you express yourself effectively. Describe what you are doing at the moment of success, and your thoughts and feelings at this time.

Can you think of any more. And and how it affects you, tip 6, it could be an overgrown garden or a deserted shack. Describe essay the sights and sounds of a celebration in detail. Use more adjectives and adverbs, in your description, describe the atmosphere and how this makes you feel. With my feet brushing against the silky.

Often, the question will require you to describe or explain.What other language devices enhance descriptive.Question, reference: igcse, first, language.

The above sentence could be made better by applying some adjectives like the below sentence. What does this task ask you. A Reality TV show is looking for families to take part in a new series called Meet My Family and you want to take part. Cooking or even plate spinning, tiny figures from afar were nearing towards my direction. Children often keep a box of special things. A formal letter is the type you write to someone you have never met before. Describe the interior of the shop and the things on sale there. End your description as the classroom door suddenly opens 68, describe your new home and your thoughts and feelings as you enter it for the first time scribe a town or city centre in the early hours of the morning. Or to someone with whom you have no personal relationship.