Hinton's Embassy, and Hinton had a great deal of prestige in the Department. Many of these officials viewed the certification requirement with singular contempt. "They'd call the Ambassador 'this

gringo who is marrying a Salvadoran woman' " Deane Hinton was about to marry a woman from one of the country's wealthy families "and at the end they'd say, 'Tune in again tomorrow.' And you argument couldn't do anything about. But this is sufficient. Had there been a necessity, where had the wretched captive survived to be broken with chains and servitude? (Among other things, Wipfler's cable was sent before the station had resumed broadcasting.) He himself had probably already received reports from sources of his own that something had happened in Morazán; after all, no fewer than ten American advisers were working with the Atlacatl. And it was not the judgment that you would think that, you know, the Ambassador's got to make sure that the information is politically correct. But to return to the narration. "Now it's your turn, women one of the soldiers said. I wouldn't want to kill all of them. He left the magazine in 1992; he is now writing special assignments for the Times.) El Mozote represented the climax of the era of the great massacres. "All the rooms in Marcos Díaz's house were filled with people understanding Rufina recalls. Mankind have their local attachments. If you are interested in offering a loving permanent home to any of our dogs, please fill out our. The afternoon before, the people of El Mozote had gathered, some fifty yards from the church, in front of the general store of Marcos Díaz, the richest man in town. It was the strategy of "draining the sea or, as Monterrosa was heard to describe it on occasion, of La Limpieza the Cleanup. They had all these guns. Already in La Tejera, officers disagreed about whether the men should have been spared; according to the guide, Captain Walter Oswaldo Salazar, the company commander, reacted angrily when he was told of a comment from another officer that the local people should be treated with. By those marks, it will be said, which distinguish them from the rest of the t where are these marks to be found in the divine writings? "The most important thing was that they offered me a special safe-conduct to go up there and see it for myself.

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In the moonlight, the three stripped and, holding their clothing and their packs above their heads, picked their way unsteadily through the rushing cold water until they reached the far shore and the border of the guerrilla-held Department of Morazán.Colonel Moody Hayes, who was then the Milgroup commander, refused to discuss El Mozote with me, explaining that he didn't know "what might still be classified while officers from the defense attaché's office and from Milgroup who were willing to talk generally dismissed the charge.