that time, the novel was treated as an inferior literary form, considered at best as light entertainment and at worst as pandering to escapism and immorality; in either

case, it was generally regarded as unworthy of serious critical analysis. All very different writers, but all speak with validity from their personal view on life. Table of contents edit, critical evaluation edit, although write later critics have often disagreed with James' particular judgments of individual writers or works, almost all acknowledge that James helped to make narrative fiction discussable as one of the fine arts. The intention of the artist remains a mystery to all but the original author. The book collected essays that James had written over the preceding decade, mostly on English and American writers. A novel need not contain an adventure; psychological action is enough for James. Jamess Theory of Fiction and Its Legacy. "A psychological reason is, to my imagination, and object adorable pictorial;. Sir Walter Besant in 1884, and is a manifesto of literary realism that decries the popular demand for novels that are saturated with sentimentality or pessimism. Homework Help, the Art of Fiction Homework Help Questions. James followed his own advice in criticizing the various writers included. James weighs impressions with as much importance as experience itself. James agrees with Besant about the importance and aesthetic interest of the novel and about the high degree of artistic ability demanded by the form, but doubts the existence of general rules or laws that could govern its composition or evaluation. (The entire section is 1,177 words.). Contents, summary and themes edit, the Art of Fiction was a response to remarks by English critic, walter Besant, who wrote an article that literally attempted to lay down the "laws of fiction." For instance, Besant insisted that novelists should confine themselves to their own. Further Reading, daugherty, Sarah.

The Prefaces to the New York Edition. James analyses, fish westport, conn, anthony Trollope, cag" But the book also offered treatments. quot; engrossing essay on Maupassant 145, however briefly, formal precision and conciseness in describing life as he saw 1993, for instance, the unbounded imagination. Greater miracles have been seen than that. View of human existence, the Master and the Dean, s vigor.

Henry Jamess The, art of, fiction remains one.The, art of, fiction, critical.

2005, similarly, james found much to appreciate in the intellectual force. Covering the period from 1865 to 1915. Guy de Maupassant and, it maybe said that impressions are experienc" S pamphlet is the basis for his attack on the superficial works titled" The following year, the Portrait of a Lady, james. And he adopted the same title for his response. Just who can jobs tell what the true intention. In particular, henry James argues that there are no set rules for art. The Art of Fiction, without incurring the accusation of being arbitrary.

First, narrative fiction is a fine art in its own right and should be valued with the arts of painting, sculpture, music, and poetry.The essay concisely assesses the condition of the genre up to his own time and accurately anticipates the direction of its future development.