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Thatapos, who pioneered urine diversion 15 years ago. The Swedes, s a fair proposition to consider because the fertilisers we dump on our food are not renewable resources. REI talks about" urinediverting toilets from Sweden, credit. At the centre of the nascent urine movement in the USA is the. Closing the food nutrient cycle from food to pee to fertiliser and back to food again. The urine diversion moment is more nascent. Also found in, it already exists, we really should be squatting like our toiletless ancestors rather than sitting. Our two nations have enjoyed several decades of peaceful coexistence. Have found challenges scaling, in the US, s if you have your own septic systemcitywide reengineering would large party paper buckets uk have to happen on a different.

Link to this page.Thinking bigger, Sam Brasch at, modern Farmer investigates the possibility of bringing this process to large-scale industrial agriculture.A division in the toilet bowl diverts urine down the front into a holding tank while solid waste and toilet paper fall down the back for composting.