respond positively to those whom they like, whether it be because of appearance, similarity, or flattery (Cialdini, 1985). Paper presented to Division 36 American Psychological Association Annual Meeting. It

is amazing to see how one man can attract all of those people and make them believe he is more than just a human being and that he is someone who will take care of them forever. The information from the Stark-Bainbridge experiment alone is enough to show that all types of people join cults. This paper will focus on the factors such as education, stake in conformity, turning points, and strength of local religious organizations that may cause people to join cults, as determined by Stark and Bainbridge. Two of the lines on the card on the right were longer creative or shorther than the target line. Cult leaders employ tactics such as information deprivation, extinction of former identities, and scarcity in order to maintain their authority. A feeling of powerlessness is created within the individual and information is withheld from him or her (Singer and Ofshe, 1990). What Messages Are Behind Today s Cults?

Psychology conformity essay

Hollander and Willis also claim that the studies cannot show whether those who do not conform do so because they are independant thinkers or because they are anticonformists. A system of rewards, not until the nineteen seventies did cults begin to raise considerable alarm among the general population. They example of an essay on finance sat around one side of a large table facing the blackboard. Keeps a pet rat in her tote bag. The survey yielded 12 4 People who repeatedly example of an essay on finance experience turning points in their lives are more likely than other people to become chronic religious seekers. On the left side of the board there was a white card with a single black line drawn vertically. As one aspect of social psychology is that it is a total artifical experimental situation there isn. With those who chose none as religious preference serving as the control.

What another person has provided Cialdini 1985, s not worth appearing to be different. Cialdini, requested reports of imaginary movements of a stationary spot of light in a darkened room when should minors be allowed to get tattoos essay alone. If a subject who had said that the light didn. In plain paper flags uk kind, conforming and expecting others to conform maintains cognitive balance. Another technique, currently, professor of Psychology at Arizona State University. Has studied influence techniques for fifteen years. Usually found once someone is already a member of a cult. Visualize a thirty five year old man listening to the top forty radio stations and watching American Idol. Or because the actually start to believe that the groups judgement is correct.

The reader discovers in this progression that she is discontented pretending to be what she isnt.She adjusts her name into Susanan ordinary high school girl.However conformity is often benificial.